Creating Potato Stamps

In Easy artworks for Kids, we tell you how you can make incredible looking prints with stamps produced using potatoes. Only 4 simple steps, it’s all it takes. We exhibit a choice of great potato stamps for you to attempt once you have increased some certainty with this art. You can make awesome prints on paper and even on fabric by using this technique.

You Require:

Paper or cloth piece, potatoes, cookie cutters, paper cutter, kitchen knife, paper towel, sponge, paint

Optional Things:

An inventive brain, tolerance and a relentless hand for cutting

If you are too young to deal with a paper cutter, request somebody elder to cut the potato patterns for you.

potato stamps

Different Tricks:

Follow this procedure to make Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day cards, Mother’s or Father’s Day cards and gift wrapping paper!

Once sure with this idea, print a T-shirt or table cloth with wonderful prints on!

4 Easy Steps:

  1. Cut a potato into two halves. Place the cookie cutter in the potato center and cut a thick piece around the cookie cutter. Separate the external layer of potato and afterward the cookie cutter from the pattern.
  2. Give your potato a chance to dry or pat dry potato stamps with a paper towel. (A wet potato may keep the paint from binding the right way.)
  3. Apply paint on to the potato stamp. You can do this with a paintbrush, paint roller or with a kitchen sponge. You can even spread a light layer of paint on a ceramic plate and cover your potato stamp with paint by pressing on the paint.
  4. Keep a piece of paper to test your potato stamp on and to evacuate extra paint. Lightly press your potato stamp on the paper. After some prints you will get to know what pressure you need to apply to get the texture you want.

potato stamps

Potato Stamps Tips:

  • Use a different potato stamp for all colors, unless you need the colors to blend.
  • Any potato even sweet potato will work, if you need bigger stamps.
  • Press the stamp on the paper or fabric for a couple of seconds to get the best texture and remove extra paint on a paper sheet before you begin.
  • You can printout stamp patterns from the internet.

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