DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

We adore flowers in any shape: a lively bundle of tulips, a sprouting tree, a shrewdly collapsed napkin—and yes, even with eyeliner. These DIY Crepe Paper Flowers are so much special, as they never withered. Wow, you can design them by yourself.

Crepe Paper flowers catch the effect of blossoms without all the botanic details. Their fanciful notion makes them a joy to view, as well as a charming task to attempt. They additionally offer a few functional points of interest over their regular cousins – they are significantly sturdier and won’t shrink or sag.

If you are a beginner paper flower designer, take a start with our easy DIY project of Crepe Paper flowers to learn the art of paper flowers. This is so easy and time saving project, you must try it once.

Material for Crepe Paper Flowers:

  • Cosmo Flower Design
  • Colorful Crepe Paper
  • Green Paper
  • Red Marker
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Glue Gun

crepe paper flowers


  1. Cut the leaf and flower designs. (You can get flower and leaf design patterns from the internet)
  2. Trace the designs on red and green papers, now cut out the leaves and petals.
  3. To make the central point of flowers, crease the rectangular bit of paper in half and cut little openings along the corners. Utilize glue gun to roll the folded paper around the flower wire.
  4. Utilize a red marker to lightly color the pointed ends of crepe paper petals.
  5. Extend every petal into a smoothly bended shape.
  6. Join the petals with the help of glue gun or any other adhesive.
  7. Wrap floral tape (green color) to cover the wire stem.
  8. Precisely bend the leaves with scissors; at that point stick them to a separate wire.
  9. With floral tape, join the leaf stems to the basic flower stem; now wrap to cover the wire.

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