DIY Hand Painted T Shirts

Glamorize your dress and outline your own particular shirt by using our hand painted t shirts technique. You’ll be stunned how simple this technique is… Keep reading.

Method to Design Hand Painted T Shirts:

A decent method to create your shirt is by painting it. Not generally simple if you don’t have a creative spirit! However, there is a simple approach to do it – are you aware you can utilize freezer paper as a stencil? It’s extremely easy; you just need few materials and this shirt instructional exercise!

You’ll require:

  • Foam Brush
  • Freezer Paper
  • Cutter
  • Fabric Paint
  • Iron

Hand Painted T Shirts

Stage 1: Create Your Design

To make your hand painted t shirts, create your design on a freezer paper. This is really very easy to print. You can make stencils of different designs by using this technique.

Stage 2: Cutting the Stencil

Start cutting your traced pattern from the freezer paper.

Stage 3: Positioning

Position the stencil properly on the shirt; make sure the side with the plastic wrap is against cloth. Press your stencil to stick it to the shirt.

Stage 4: Use a Cardboard Sheet

Place a cardboard sheet inside your shirt to keep the paint from absorbing through the backside of your shirt.

Hand Painted T Shirts

Stage 5: Paint

With a brush begin painting your shirt. Go gradually and utilize little paint at once.

Stage 6: Removing

When the paint becomes dry, carefully evacuate the stencil. Simply pull it smoothly, it can be removed simply.

Wow! That’s truly easy, wouldn’t you say? You can create any hand painted t shirts you like. It’s the ideal tweaked t shirt for a special event. You can also attempt this with your most loved quote or with a special date.

Hand Painted T Shirts


Are you ready to plan your own shirt? How you do like these hand painted t shirts? Tell us what your ideas are in the remarks area beneath.

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