DIY Perfumed Bath Salts

No one adores shower time more than I do. Throughout the year, whenever you want me, you will discover me in the tub. Even in winters, I’m in a hot shower. And in summer, I used to take a cool shower, floating down the chilled river of my brain, washing away boob sweat and sand and mosquito bite irritation. I have an entire wardrobe loaded with stuff to keep in there, from perfumed oil to shower bombs and fancy soap like rose petals.

bath salts

I’m not kidding about shower time. I even have a wooden shower tub that has a place to put a book and a wine glass of wine. I have a waterproof note pad and a pen that can write underwater. On a current trip to foods, as I was scooping mass lavender perfumed shower salts into a packet, I understood they looked a ton like Epsom salts. Which are exceptionally cheap. So I found it on the web and tried to make my own particular formula. My first attempt turned out great! Now you can also try it. It makes a great present!

What you will need…

bath salts

Epsom Salt             2 cups

Epsom salt is a pain and itch reliever, and draws impurities from your body. You can discover it at drugstores, usually in the foot-care walkway, in a container or a big sack.

Vegetable Oil        2 tsp

I usually use Jojoba oil but almond, apricot and olive oil can also be used.

Essential Oil           5-10 Drops

My favorite essential oil is Tuberose but you can use lavender or sandalwood.

Liquid Food Coloring (Optional)

If you want to add some color to your bath salts then you can use few drops of liquid food colors of your choice. It can give a light tint to the bathing water but it is completely safe. A few drops of blue green color can turn the bath salts into a soft cyan color.

Sea Salt (Optional)               ¼ Cup

It will make the water feel silky. Its salty steam will give a lovely beachy texture to your hair.

1 Glass Jar with a Lid

Bath Salts – Steps to follow…

bath salts

Mix everything together with the help of a fork. Don’t let the clumps formed in it. Sniff the salts and go take a bath with them. You can also present these bath salts to someone special. Don’t forget to cover them beautifully before presenting to someone. Tie the lid with a ribbon to give it a more attractive look.

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