DIY Wall Hanging Plants

Hello folks! It’s the time again to create DIY wall hanging plants. You can organize these planters on your kitchen or room walls. They enhance greenery and the freshness of your home. I always love to see more plants in and outside of my home. That’s the reason I tried this technique to make DIY wall hanging plants.

This plant is designed for a boring and empty corner of our family room. I have a plant on the floor; however it isn’t exceptionally tall, so I chose to fill the void space above it by hanging something.

diy wall hanging


What I Used:

  • Steel Bowl
  • Drill
  • Small S-hooks
  • Black chain
  • Screw hook
  • Pliers
  • Stud Finder
  • Goldand Black Spray Paint

How I Made My DIY Bowl Hanging Plant:

Keep in mind to wear a mask and protection glasses while sanding wood. Also wear a suitable mask while working with paints and finishes. Try not to use any devices without training and supervision.

Step 1: Make the Holes

Make three holes on the top of the bowl. Keep an equal space in between all three holes.

Tip: You can use pliers to rip off any rugged bits of steel around the openings.

diy wall hanging

Step 2: Painting

I have gold accents in my room, so I decided to color my bowl using my most loved gold paint. I also painted the quick connections and the screw hook dark to coordinate the chain, which already came with a black powder covering on it. This is optional and will clearly drag out your DIY time while the paint dries, however the spray painting it is fast!

Step 3: Plant and Hang

diy wall hanging

Just find out a roof joist. This is an important step if you screw your hook into drywall and there is no roof joist, you have to utilize a flip anchor. The screw hook alone is insufficient.

Once you’ve found where you need to embed your screw hook, take your drill and a bit that is littler than the treads on your screw hook. Drill a pilot hole up into the roof and tighten the hook.

diy wall hanging

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