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Blogging is the most famous and convenient way to earn money online. You must have heard about the top bloggers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Brian Clark and Harvey Levin who became millionaires just because of their blogs. You can take an inspiration from their lives and their charismatic way of writing. They got internet fame through their blogs and generated millions of dollars every month. You can also earn money from blogging. But what should be the right way to start a blog? Many people write blogs but they don’t know the basic tactics for a blog that can really change your life. In this article, we will learn how to earn money from WordPress blog that is the most advance and easy way to earn money through blogging.

WordPress Platforms:

WordPress provides two platforms to create blogs i.e. WordPress.com and WordPress.org


This is the free platform for everyone. It is easy to use and anyone can start a blog instantly by using it. However, this platform has some limitations. So, this is good for beginners but not recommended for the people who are doing blogging on a professional level.


This platform is little expensive as you require to buy your own hosting and domain to use it. But it offers more features, themes and a professional environment to work. You should have a little bit technical knowledge to use this platform but not much.

Content is the King:

Every blogger should understand the power of a good content. No matter what platform you use for blogging but if your content is not fresh and interesting, people will never like to visit and read your blog. And if you write an authentic and plagiarism free content, you don’t need any paid advertisement or promotion for your blog. People automatically come to your blog and love to share it on social media.

To write an interesting content you have to be creative and should have good research skills. Searching a topic for your blog that has a high search and CPC (Cost per Click) rate is also an art. You need to select a keyword phrase that people mostly search on the internet. Moreover, to make your article search engine optimized, you will need to use this keyword multiple times in the article. But make sure, you don’t over use a keyword that is called Keyword stuffing. For example, if you write a 500 words article then your keyword should appear in it for 5 times.

Use of proper headings and sub-headings is also a part of professional blog writing. To optimize the headings, you should also use the selected keywords in them. Search engines index and read the blog content based on the keywords used. The more unique keywords you use, the more search engine ratings you get.

Ways to Earn Money from WordPress Blog:

There are various ways to Earn Money from WordPress Blog. You can post different types of advertisements, add banners and affiliate marketing links to your blog to make money. So, let’s have a look at the options which are being used by many bloggers to earn money from WordPress blog.


If you are writing your blog on WordPress.com then WordAds is the best solution for your online earnings. WordPress provides this feature for all of its users but first you need to apply to get approved for using this amazing feature. Just send an invitation request from here and make sure that you are signed in with your WordPress.com account.

Affiliate Marketing:

Most of the bloggers are using Affiliate Marketing for earning from their blogs. This is a method which you can use with both of the WordPress platforms. WordPress.com also allows all of its users to insert Affiliate Marketing links into the blog posts but these links should be from a reputable store. Links from pornography and gambling sites are not allowed on WordPress.com. Best way to add these Affiliate links to your blog is to insert them using hyperlinked text and images. This is the most convenient way to earn a large amount of money in a very short time.

Sponsored Ads:

This is another way to earn money from WordPress blog. To use this method, you can contact with different advertisers who will pay you for writing about their products or services. You can also display their advertisements on your blog by using html code provided by them. You can create an advertisement page that will help you to get more advertisers and sponsors for your blog. This method is used with both WordPress.com and WordPress.org blogs.

Google AdSense:

Last but not Least! Google AdSense. This is the most professional and popular way to earn money from WordPress blog. However, Google AdSense is not allowed for WordPress.com blogs. But if you are a VIP user of WordPress.com, you can run your own advertisements including Google AdSense Ads. Getting approved by Google AdSense is not that much easy as they have their own policies and rules for blog writing and website designing. But once you get approved, you can use your Google AdSense code anywhere on your blog. Sign Up for Google AdSense.


If you want to earn a good amount of money through blogging then you need to think beyond simple Ad monetization. You can apply for WordAds if you have a good traffic on your WordPress.com blog.  And when you want to take your blog to the next level, you can simply migrate to WordPress.org i.e. your self-hosted blog. Use Affiliate Marketing links from reputed stores to earn passive income. Sponsored Ads can also be a good source to earn money from WordPress blog. And if you are a blogging expert then Google AdSense is the best of all. This can be your gold mine to earn enough money from blogging.

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