Facebook and Data Protection

Everyone is aware with the recent issues related with the Facebook and Data Protection. People who use Facebook are very much disturbed about the protection and security of their personal information. After the biggest scandal against Facebook user data privacy, people are losing their trust on Facebook. So, for the sake of maintaining the Facebook reputation and to improve the privacy standards, Mark Zuckerberg has announced to adopt the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) of European Union. He says, it will definitely put a positive impact on Facebook and data protection all over the world. Furthermore, this new policy will provide the customers more authority to control the privacy of their personal information.

What does Facebook and Data Protection Mean?

Facebook and Data Protection

For Companies:

General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) will come into effect on 25th May. The advance rules will provide more control over data privacy. Any company that uses data under European Union will subject to new rules. It will not make any difference that where it is situated. According to new rules, organizations will obtain an individual agreement to store and process users’ personal information. ultimately, companies will not be allowed to store users’ data for longer than it is required. Any user will be able to ask to delete his/her information from organization’s servers.  All firms will prove that they are using the information correctly. That means they will have to increase the documentation and monitoring of Facebook and Data Protection.

For People:

Facebook users will see more privacy warnings and agreement requests. For example, companies will not be able to add Facebook users to their email marketing lists. In fact, Users will get a notification if any company wants to add them to their mailing list and the user will always have the authority to accept or ignore the request.

Facebook and Data Protection

What’s The Monetary Value?

Making new privacy rules and applying them is always costly. To implement the new rules, many organizations have hired outsource auditors and consultants. Big companies will have to spend billions of dollars for Facebook and Data Protection improvement. Finally, GDPR offers serious penalties for the companies that ignore the new rules. Moreover, large tech companies will have to impose fine of at least 20 – 25 million pounds on their global sales.


The new Facebook and Data Protection rules don’t apply only on European countries but also they legally rolled out everywhere. This new policy will definitely improve Facebook reputation among its users.

In conclusion, Under the new principles, organizations require denotative agreement from clients to impart their information to outsiders and individuals will have the privilege to recognize what data has been stacked away about them and to request it to be erased.

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