Make a Mini Golf Course at Home

If you have a little putter at home then you can utilize it to create a mini golf course. You will also need few house hold items. You can design it in your own yard by utilizing your creative abilities.

Golf set is an amazing idea to play if you don’t have a toy. You can utilize super balls, ping pong balls and even tennis balls. Try to use a sword or even your own hands. Simply remember the size of the ball when you are making your obstacles.


Use a cardboard box to make a basic three-opening obstacle for the children. Make one opening harder by angling the box, or try to create the openings of multiple sizes. You can also utilize empty tissue boxes. Turn them at an angel with packaging tape. Make tunnels with old wrapping paper.

mini golf course

Mini Golf Course Cups:

Nothing is better than a plastic cup to create a hole for your golfers. Turn the cups from the sides and tape them delicately, or adjust them upright over the yard and observe who can put their ball in. Household items like rugs, paper plates and pillows can all be utilized to make passages and holes for the golfers to target.

mini golf course

Be Creative with Toys:

Make obstacles more difficult than your mini golf course with toys you have in your house. Utilize LEGO blocks to create curves and passages; Hot Wheel tracks to make an extra passage to level-up; books to make inclines; and even squishy toys to make holes that the children need to hit between.

Stop Chalk and Roll:

If you are playing mini golf course outside your home, make trouble levels for every region by drawing targets with chalk. Utilize rocks to make passages through which children need to hit.

mini golf course

Scoring Techniques:

Not like numerous different games, less would be best with golf. The lower your score the better you’re doing. Each stroke you take considers a score. If you need to be consistent with the game assign each opening in your hindrance course various trouble starting at Par 3 and climbing.

For instance:

1. Par 3 means it’s a shorter opening and you should get it inside three strokes

2. Par 4 means you should get it in the opening with four shots

3. Par 5 means five strokes or less

4. Par 6 means six strokes or less

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