Making DIY Pom Pom

There are so many verities of DIY Pom pom. Pom poms can also be used to accent knitting projects. Tissue paper pom poms are used for home decoration. You can make any type of pom pom if you have the right material with you.

diy pom pom

Cut two cardboard circles. After that cut a wedge and a small opening in the center of each circle so your plates appear as though they have keyholes. Keep in mind, the greater the circles, the greater your diy pom pom will be. You can cut a circle by your hand or you can cut it with the help of a bowl or glass by tracing a circle manually.

Put a yarn piece in between the two cardboard disks so it is circumventing the keyhole and after that place the other cardboard plate over the yarn. Place the circles together with the goal that the keyholes are arranged. This yarn piece will serve to secure your diy pom pom afterward. Ensure the piece is sufficiently long with the goal that the ends hang out on each side of the keyhole.

diy pom pom

Embed the yarn through the wedge and into the middle of the disk. At that point, start wrapping the yarn around the circle. Wrap the yarn around the disk around 100 times or until the yarn is as thick as you need it to be. Your yarn thickness depends on the diy pom pom density.

diy pom pom

To cut the yarn place the scissors in the middle of the two cardboard disks and cut open the wound string or yarn around the external edge. Go gradually and cut equitably. As you cut the yarn, clutch the ends of the additional piece of yarn that you put between the cardboard disks.

diy pom pom

This yarn is to support and secure the pom pom. Tie it with an extra piece of string. Tie and bunch the ends of the yarn’s extra piece. As where you put the yarn before you began, it ought to be in the ideal position to hold your pom pom together.

Expel the cardboard plates. After you adjust the diy pom pom with the additional piece of string, you can set the cardboard plates aside. Remember that you can reuse these circles to make many pom poms, so don’t dispose of them. Trim the corners of the diy pom pom to even out the strings. Continue trimming until the point when you are content with the look of your pom pom. Trimming will make the pom pom to will make it flossy, thick, and round.

diy pom pom


Make sure that you don’t trim the ends of the yarn that you utilized to secure the pom pom unless you don’t need them. You would now be able to utilize your complete pom pom by connecting it to a sewing or stitch venture. Utilize the yarn tails to join it to a cap, scarf, sweater, or whatever you need.

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