Bamboo Fruit Basket

Bamboo does not have a hardwood structure and it has a soft wooden structure that can be weaved into different shapes to make bamboo fruit basket. It is durable and can easily be grown in your backyard. You can make decorative and beautiful bamboo fruit basket and can earn a good amount of money by selling it. These baskets take hours to design but you can use your leisure time to create them. Here is the easiest way to create bamboo basket.

Creating Bamboo Fruit Basket:

Take a large bamboo and cut it into three vertical pieces. Divide each vertical piece into half and cut each half into thin layers. Make sure that you create many strips out of each bamboo piece. Take a 5-foot piece of a string and thread a needle with this string. Now collect together three bamboo pieces and wrap the loose end of the string around them. Bend the bamboo to make a U-shape and carefully wrap the string around both sides of the U-shape. Now stitch these bamboo pieces with the needle and try to keep the stitches close to one another. You need to make at least 10 – 20 stitches around the loop.

bamboo fruit basket

Now take another piece of the bamboo bundle and attach it into the basket just below the loose bamboo ring. Also wrap the string around the bamboo bundle. Keep adding the bamboo this way until you get the desired size of your bamboo fruit basket. Make the side walls by attaching the bamboo bundle on top of the last coil. Try to create the rows over each other to make a proper height. Now wrap the string around the above coil of the bamboo fruit basket and finish it off. Just cut the string and tie a double knot in the string. Use the needle to insert the string knot into the bamboo coil.

Bamboo fruit basket is ready and you can make this basket more decorative by adding some colors to it. Keep it in your house or at workplace or sell it on an exhibition. No doubt, that’s the most beautiful handcraft I have ever done.

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