10 Smart Ways to Code like a Pro

To learn how to code like a Pro is something people are doing every day. With the advancement in technology, the need for the coders is rising day by day. It will create more career opportunities in the future. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to code like a Pro. As you know, just a degree won’t prepare you for getting into the professional industry. You need lots of practice to generate a master code piece. This article explains 10 smart ways that you can follow to code like a Pro. So, If you love coding and want to embark your career into it then read through these useful ways.

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”

― Linus Torvalds

1. Select a Language

Choosing a language is the first step in coding. It does not make a difference that you are not a professional coder. You can even start with a basic language like HTML, Python and CSS.

2. Time Management

Time Management is the most important aspect of program coding. It impacts the final outcomes of a software development project. Giving at least your 5 hours per week will be sufficient to start with a basic language. 

3. Register yourself to an Online Certification

Once you have decided which language to learn, it’s time to register yourself to an online certification. Many free courses are available online, you can attend any of them to polish your programming skills. 

4. Use Reference Guides

Reference guides can be very helpful to know about the program coding, syntaxes and the formulas. So, If you are confused or stuck with something, reference guides are a great place to go. You can do a quick Google search to dig up the guides for almost every language. 

5. Code Editors

However, you can also write the code directly in your browser, but things don’t work like this in the professional world. If you want to code like a pro, you should use a desktop code editor. The most professional code editor is the Atom code editor which is compatible with many programming languages.

code like a pro

6. Watch Video Tutorials

YouTube video tutorials are a great way to get to know new things. Just browse YouTube videos that explain the coding concepts and syntax in an easy way. Try to watch the videos which have good ratings and a number of views. Subscribe to the coding channels and keep updating yourself with their latest stuff. 

7. Write Daemonized Program

Once you have done with your online course, it’s time to write simple program code. By creating programs you can be efficient and fluent in a programming language. Feel free to build a program in any way you like. 

8. Using Comments

Comments are a very useful part of coding a program. These can be used to explain both you and other people who read your code. However, these lines are ignored by a computer when it reads a code but they make the coding easy to understand.

9. Hack other Programming Codes

Hacking the code of another person is a great idea. In this way, you can take a code that is created by someone else. Just go through it until you don’t understand all the changes. GitHub is a great resource where you can find interesting program codes. 

10. Learn Different Languages

If you want to code like a pro, you should learn a range of programming languages. Keep practising until you have full command over the main syntax. At least you should learn three to four languages this will help you work in your desired coding field.


Be happy that now you know how to code like a pro and you are all set to start your first job as a coder. However, as a fresh programmer, it will be difficult for you to show proof of your skills. The best way to build some experience is to do freelance work. Add your freelance work samples and client details to your portfolio. Once you have prepared a decent portfolio, you are good to go for full-time jobs. Take each interview as a practice and you will eventually get a dream job.

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