Cute and Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

From red roses bouquets to the chocolate boxes, cute and easy DIY valentine’s day gifts are the heart touching way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Every year around 36 million of chocolate boxes and 50 million flowers are sold in United Sates on Valentine’s Day. But everyone is fed up of the common gift of flowers and chocolates. Now people want to gift something really special to their loved ones. So, if you are in the search of cute and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, we are here to help you out. Let’s have a look at these amazing ideas to create beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts.

1.     Valentine Painting

Handmade projects always impress everyone. You can show and express your priceless love in the painting for your valentine. Also add some spark in your painting by putting it in a beautiful frame. You can use bright colors that show the intensity of your love. Any art that you create expresses your feelings are emotions for your valentine. So, do not hesitate and draw the most beautiful painting for the one you love the most.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

2.     Cookie Bouquet

Just make a cookie bouquet for you valentine with the delicious and fresh home-made cookies. You can customize the bouquet by using your own creativity and get a lot on appreciation from your love. You can also add chocolates and candies in the cookie bouquet. It all depends on the taste and likes of your valentine. You just need to make your love as happy as you can on this special day.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

3.     Open When Letters

If you want to surprise your loved one, you can might give them “Open when letters. These pre-delivered letters will make you to be there for them when the long-distance relationship becomes hard. First, both of you need to understand the rules for “Open when letters” so that you can enjoy the total creative freedom. The rules are: No early peeking, only open the letters when it applies, do not disclose the letters to anyone, do not open more than (x) letters a week and last but not least save the letters.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

4.     Photo Mug

Create something for your valentine that can start a beautiful morning for them. So, designing a photo mug can reflect your love memories every morning for your loved one. Put a beautiful picture of your girl friend or boy friend on the mug or you can also put a picture of both of you that reminds you of a romantic memory. This is one of the cute and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

5.     Desk Calendars

Creating Desk Calendars is the most amazing idea for long distance relationships where there is a lack of communication and you always look forward to spend time together. Gift a beautiful hand made desk calendar to your loved one and mark it with the dates you have met or you will meet each other. This will keep reminding your valentine the memories of your last meetings.

6.     Tea Bag Hearts

Make your own heart-shaped tea bags and gift them to your loved one on this Valentine’s Day. You can fill these tea bags with your favorite teas like early grey or green tea. Also attach a beautiful tag with your tea bag that shows your love. This amazing gift will treat your valentine with the favorite tea flavors every morning, but also remind them of you.

7.     Valentine’s Notebook

If your valentine loves to write notes, this cute and easy notebook will be a perfect gift on this special day. You can make it by yourself and add different decorative elements to it to make it extra special. Just bind small rectangular paper pieces together and use a cardboard or textured paper to make its cover. Also add a beautiful chain with shiny beads to hang the notebook. This Valentine’s notebook will definitely surprise your lover.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

8.     Heart Blanket

Valentine’s day comes in the winter season so why not design a beautiful heart blanket for your loved one. You can create it easily with a cozy blanket and paint colors. Just draw and paint some red color hearts on the blanket. You can also do this with heart shaped stamps. This is the awesome present for your valentine that will make them feel loved whenever they will use it in winters.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

9.     Balloon Chandelier

Chandeliers are expensive gifts but they can be cheap and attractive if you design them by yourself. These chandeliers are little bit different from the real one but they express more love than the store-bought chandeliers. This chandelier is not adorned with the crystals but has the precious memories hanging with the balloons. So, just take the print outs of the memorable photos of your loved one and attach them with the balloons. Yon can also use the curling ribbons to attach the photos.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

10.   Valentine Candle

Making a beautiful and aromatic candle is one the Cute and Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts. This candle will not only lighten up the room but also spreads a beautiful fragrance of your love. You can also add some glitter in the wax while creating this hand made candle for your love. Tie the candle with the name tags of both of you. This will add a beautiful romantic touch in your DIY gift.

Cute and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

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