DIY Disney Princess Makeover

Every girl wants to be a Disney princess since childhood. Doing your own Disney makeover is so much magical and interesting. There are lots of great ideas which you can use to do an amazing Disney princess makeover on a budget. So, Let’s start with this fascinating makeover process.

Disney Princess Dress Selection:

First of all, you need to buy an attractive and beautiful Disney princess dress. You can buy this dress from any kids’ boutique in a reasonable price. But you should not ignore the weather at the time of selecting the dress so that the little princess does not feel overheated after wearing that dress.

Cosmetics and Hairstyle:

You can give a curled look to your hair and can also buy a ballerina bun for a simple and catchy look. You must have an eye shadow kit, blush-on, glitter and gloss in the makeup box. If you don’t have one, you can buy a Disney princess makeup kit online or also from any makeup store. Use a golden and peach eye shadow on your eyes and also apply a thin line of black eye liner. You can use a red or rose color lip gloss, do not make it too intense. Also use shimmer and pink color blush on your cheeks. It will give you a cute Disney princess look.

A Touch of Glitter:

It is said that Glitter is in the veins of a girl. So, if you want to look more girlish and cuter then you must add some glitter to your makeup. It is fabulous to glitterize your makeover by using a glitter wand, glittery shoes or even shimmering eye shadow. You can also use a glittery hair spray; it will give a sparkling look to your hair.

Disney Princess Shoes:

Beautiful, cute and shimmery shoes is the top requirement of a princess makeover. You can choose, golden, silver, red or pink pump shoes with a glittery look. I think it makes you look more like a Disney princess.

Jewelry Selection:

Buy princess themed jewelry such as ear rings, necklace, bangles, crown or bracelets from any nearest jewelry shop. Wearing matching jewelry with your princess getup gives a real satisfaction and pleasure. This is something very much affordable and reasonable to enhance your princess look.

Getting a Disney princess makeover at home is not that much difficult. You can even do it yourself. It gives real pleasure when you get a beautiful princess look in a very reasonable price. So, don’t worry if the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique is full booked. Try your own creativity and do your Disney princess makeover by yourself.

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