DIY Nail Art Techniques

Here, we are going to introduce some DIY nail art ideas that you can never get exhausted of. Are you tired of the repetitive strong colors? Also the old exhausting colors you utilize? If you think you should be an inventive nail artist to make your nails look adorable and cute, then you are not right. You should attempt these diverse examples and patterns that are picked from the runway and served to you on a flawless platter. Improvise some of these basic yet astounding nail art ideas and individuals will ponder where you are heading.

We are not any more living in a universe of red, dark and maroon nail paints. Let’s try new thoughts and nail expressions on your fingers is not advanced science and here’s great news, you don’t need to spend on any additional apparatuses and items to get outcomes that are so interesting. Here are a couple DIY nail art thoughts that you can do sitting in the bounds of your home and this one is for all nail art lovers who will need to attempt these right away.

DIY Nail Art Tape Technique:

Presently you can apply this DIY nail art idea sitting at your home. No salon required for such creative yet a basic task. You can just cut a white tape in different shapes you need and stick them on your finger nails and paint the space you need to load with color. You can make complex designs and also moderate ones all with one idea.

DIY nail art

Negative Space Technique:

You can shake this drifting trick that is famous everywhere throughout the runway just by utilizing the most slender brush you have. Paint the nail with any nail shade of your choice leaving a shape or line which you can see you exposed nail. After that take another differentiating shade and draw an outline.

DIY nail art

Lacy Technique:

You should attempt this one at home as every one of your companions would die to know where you learnt it from and you would gladly say: DIY at home. It’s one of the simplest and the most popular method. Firstly, apply a base color and then take piece of a lace that has a lovely design, put it on your nail and apply nail paint and run a coat on the lace. The engraving of the lace is currently on your pretty nails. Now you can just cut the edges of the lace.

diy nail art

Mash-up Glitter Technique:

When you are in doubt to wear dark or red, you should wear glitter. Make your nails look appealing by applying a sharp base color and squash it up with some gold, silver or vivid sparkle paint. Paint a coat after the nail dries and you are most likely to enchant a couple of hearts.

diy nail art

Splatter paint technique:

Have a ton of fun with your nails as they do talk a considerable measure about the kind of individual you are. Splatter method is the one where you will get a chance to blend and match shades of splatter according to you. This will help you to remember your art projects you once did in school. The thought is to have a great time while doing this and nothing gets simpler than tossing colors on your nails and blowing the drops with a straw toward the path you please. You can apply any base shade and begin playing along.

diy nail art

French Nail Trim:

If you want to get the desired outcomes, when you paint your nails is something you want to watch it happen and particularly when you are doing your own French DIY nail art treatment. But, now there is an impeccable and the stylish trick in which you can conceal your nail treatment botches. Take sparkle enamel or an overwhelming sparkle pen and push out a line where the French nail treatment finishes and smear it for a delightful look.

diy nail art

Blending Technique:

Are you exhausted of strong colors that don’t make you feel well? Attempt this procedure and next time you take a look at your nails you will never utilize the word exhausted. Paint all of your nails in a different way, and bind them together by a single theme. This art has lots of alternatives like flowers, geometrical and strong sparkle colors.

DIY Nail Art

Bobby sticks technique:

Require a break from the typical French nail trims? Attempt the bobby stick procedure and you will perceive that it is so natural to get polka dots on your nails. They give you the ideal circle with no fuss and look completely cute. A mix of funky hues will give you opportunity to experiment and look more youthful.

diy nail art

Feather Technique:

This is an amazing DIY nail art technique. Popular on the runway and decorated by big names like Jennifer Lopez, Niki Minaj and Lady Gaga, this method has amazed fashionistas and nail art lovers as well. If you have plumes or charming bows in your wardrobe, lift them up and put them anyplace on your nails, quickly after applying the base coat. After the plume or bow sets on the nail, paint the nail coat which will convey sheen to your nail, making it eye-appealing.

diy nail art

Thin Stripy Nails:

For thin, striped nails, you can utilize a fan brush. Once your base shading has dried, plunge the tips of the fan brush’s bristles in an alternate shading and brush over your nail on a level plane. Sit tight for it to dry, and then go ahead with the procedure utilizing some other hues you wish.

diy nail art


You can also design your own matte finish nail paint by including corn starch with the paint. You can also blend eye shadow color with any nail paint. So as to keep the plan in place you can paint your nails with thick and speedy dry top coat that will hold the freshness of the nail enamel. Attempt some of these excellent and DIY nail art ideas.

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