DIY Wall Hanging Macramé

Wall Hanging Macramé enhances the beauty of your house and makes your interior decoration more attractive and eye catching. Clear walls are boring and exhausting. These walls should be decorated with some colorful things like Macramé to make them more energizing. Wall hanging macramé can be made with the help of yarn of different colors. When you’re working with yarn you can simply extemporize and get inventive. For instance, you can also utilize texture colors for shading the yarn.

Pot plants and herbs are quite basic in interior designing. These pots can also be hanged with the assistance of high quality macramé holders. Look at the instructional tutorial to discover how to create them for your house wall.

You will require,

  • Wooden Dowel
  • Rope / Yarn
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Beads
  • Paint
  • Masking Tape

Wall Hanging Macramé

Method for Wall Hanging Macramé:

Attach the dowel to the wall. Use removable hooks since it’s an incredible method to avoid drilling into the wall. Cut the rope into 14 x 4 meter pieces and 2 x 5 meter pieces. Begin tying the rope in larks head knots and then bookend the dowel with 5 meter pieces on each end.

Wall Hanging Macramé

Proceed with the remaining yarn. Does a double half hitch tie and proceed with these all the way along. When you reach to the end, begin to tie them corner to corner along the ropes/yarn.

Wall Hanging Macramé


Add beads all over before tying bunches. Start tying switch knots utilizing 4 ropes each. Tie 8 of these and then add a double half hitch tie. Bring the knots along corner to corner. Add more wooden beads and drag the knots to the ends. Then trim the ends of the rope/yarn for finishing. Cover the rope ends with the paint and add a touch of neon to make it more appealing.

Wall Hanging Macramé

Your DIY wall hanging Macramé art is ready to decorate your house. Now you can bring lots of variations in it and can make amazing DIY wall hanging crafts by using this technique.

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