How to Get Over Shopping Addiction?

Are you a Shopaholic Person? Aren’t you able to control yourself when you go to a shopping mall? Are you doing an extraordinary use of your credit cards? If Yes! Then you must read this article. We are going to introduce very useful ways of “How to get over Shopping Addiction”. Let’s Begin…

  1. Organize What You Have:

Make some time to arrange the things which you already have. Just go through the items that you don’t need any more or they are outdated.  Once, you have organized everything, it will become convenient for you to decide what you need to buy.

  1. Stop Using Credit Cards:

Try to follow “Cash-only” approach as credit cards seduce you to spend more money than you can even manage. Stop availing the coupons in the monthly credit card statements. That will keep you away from shopping temptation.

How to Get Over Shopping Addiction

  1. Don’t Go Shopping When Depressed:

Visiting shopping malls when you feel really down or depressed can result in purchasing more items than you actually need. You can convert that negative energy into self-indulgent. For example, taking a relaxing hot water bath, reading your favorite book, watching a movie, or having coffee with your friends with some healthy conversation can boost your moral and decrease the depression.

  1. Make a List:

Wherever you go, to a grocery store or to a mall, don’t forget to make a list of the items you need.  When you enter in the store or mall, just focus on the items present in the list.  Don’t ever buy the things which are not required or not mentioned in the list. If you miss something, you can always go back the next day to purchase it.

How to Get Over Shopping Addiction

  1. Be Aware with Where You Shop:

When you need to buy grocery, visit a grocery store. When you buy grocery items from an expensive super market, you end up spending more money than required. You are not able to get any savings on food because of buying non-food items.

  1. Don’t Go Shopping with Shopaholics:

Going for shopping with someone who is a shopaholic person can motivate you to buy more. Instead, go with an economical friend who oftentimes leaves the shopping malls empty handed. This is another very useful way of how to get over shopping addiction.

How to Get Over Shopping Addiction

  1. Do You Really Need It?

If you want to know how to get over shopping addiction, just ask this question to yourself before buying anything. If the answer is YES then just go for it. Or if the answer is NO then off course, you don’t need to buy it. This is an amazing trick to stop yourself from buying unnecessary things.

  1. Get Rid of the Return Logic:

Do you always think at the time of shopping that you can return it? If yes then just stop thinking like that. This is fact that shopaholics never return anything after purchasing. So just don’t waste your time and money in buying such items that you think you will return next day.

How to Get Over Shopping Addiction

  1. Find Out the Purpose:

Just before buying anything, you must find out the purpose of it. Whenever you find it unnecessary, put it back.

Instances of buying a necessary item:

  • I need a gift for someone for any special event next week.
  • I need a hair straightener as my old one is out of order and unrepairable.
  • I need to bake a cake for my cousin’s birthday coming week.

Instances of buying an unnecessary item:

  • I may need a gift for my niece for her birthday next year.
  • I like the color of this hair straightener, and the one I already have is so old.
  • I have a cake mix at home but still I want to buy more as they are on sale.

How to Get Over Shopping Addiction

  1. Shop Like People Who Don’t Like Shopping:

People who are not fond of shopping will go with you at a shopping mall, buy the items, pay the bills and leave. They don’t prefer to visit every section of the market or to buy any unnecessary items. It may be boring but it saves your money.

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