Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

Many people love growing indoor herbs garden for their convenience. Starting an indoor herbs garden can be a wonderful hobby for everyone. Nothing can be easier than growing indoor herbs garden. This is a fantastic idea to get fresh herbs right away. You can grow these herbs in your kitchen or in any room where sunlight comes.

Selecting the Best Place for Growing Indoor Herbs Garden:

As you know, for growing indoor herbs garden, we need a sufficient amount of natural light. So, we should place the indoor plants near a sunny spot where they are exposed to sunlight at least for 6 hours daily. East or West facing windows will do whereas North facing windows are not sunny enough. To check this, you can also do a test. On a sunny day, turn off all lights and periodically check the sunlight. In this way, you will get to know, how much sunlight that spot gets whole day.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

Provide A Better Drainage:

It is necessary to provide a better drainage system to your indoors herbs otherwise you will ruin your table top or windowsill. You should also not place the indoor plants in water or their roots will rot. Always use a saucer, drain pan or liner under the plant pot to store the drainage water. Use a plastic, metal or rubber pan instead of a clay pan as it lets the moisture pass through. Make sure that your herb pots have drainage holes.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

Room Temperature is Ideal for Indoor Herbs:

The best thing about growing indoor herbs garden is, you can grow it any time of year. As these indoor herbs grow well with the same temperature inside the room. At night, temperature drops comparatively but most of the indoor herbs like that too. Remember that dry air from air conditioner is not good for indoor herbs. So, if you have an air conditioner then it’s must to give your indoor herbs a weekly shower. It will make them happier.

Best Indoor Herbs:

There are some herbs which are best to grow indoors. They are happy with the indoor room temperature and don’t need too much sunlight. Let’s have a look at some indoor herbs which are best for you.

1. Mint:

Selecting mint for your indoor garden may be the best idea. Mint has a very nice fragrance and it is useful for many dishes we make. The best part is, mint has many varieties and all of them can be grown indoors.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

2. Parsley:

You can grow parsley from seed. Soak the seeds in the warm water and let them crack before sowing.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

3. Basil:

Always choose the small specie of basil for your indoor garden because the large varieties are too large in size and can create space issues.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

4. Coriander:

It is short lived by its natural habitat. You should do seedlings at an interval of two or three weeks to maintain a supply all the time.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

5. Thyme:

Thyme has an adaptable nature to smaller pots. You can simply divide a larger plant that has grown outside and repot it for your indoor garden. This herb can easily be grown through cuttings.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

6. Oregano:

You can also grow oregano from cuttings. Take some cuttings from your outdoor plant and root out in a glass water. Fresh oregano is milder than dried oregano so use it at the end of your cooking to preserve it flavor.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

7. Rosemary:

At the end of summer, take cuttings of your outdoor rosemary to grow it as an indoor herb throughout the winter. You can take a 4 inch cutting and strip its lower foliage and grave it into the potting soil.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

8. Green Chilies:

To grow chilies indoor, you should place your plant pot near brightly lit windows. Little sunlight will result in thin stems. Be sure to give a sufficient amount of water when growing chilies indoors.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

9. Sage:

You can buy a starter plant or grow it from a cutting of an already grown plant. Simply cut the growing tips of an outdoor plant and stick them in an indoor pot. You will see that it will start rooting in a few weeks.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden

10. Lemon Grass:

You can grow lemon grass from its seeds or also from a starter plant. And the best part about growing indoor lemon grass is, you can propagate it in water from the fresh herbs that you buy from a grocery store.

Growing Indoor Herbs Garden


Growing indoor herbs garden is not only so much relaxing and healthy hobby, but also it can motivate you to cook more at home. This will make your life a little bit healthier. Moreover, these indoor fresh herbs will enhance your home decoration. They will bring a beautiful fragrance and fresh touch of green to your home.

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