How to Build Swedish Snowball Lanterns

Same as the snow forts love to construct on snow days, the Swedes also spend a fabulous winter creation (Snowball Lanterns) that you will notice at the front yards just after the snowfall.

This snow art is known as “Snölykta”. This cone-like lantern is produced by making a small pyramid of snowballs. Creating these snowball lanterns is a winter season custom for many Swedes. In Sweden, building snow lanterns is the first thing that kids learn when winter comes. However, in other parts of the world, people have not even seen these snow lanterns.

Snowball Lanterns

When snowfall starts, our neighborhood is normally spotted with these snowball lanterns. I always love to do outdoor activities with my kids. Snowball Lanterns are both delightful and a great approach to group play and harmony. It gives children an awesome approach to channel snow vitality into making a work of excellence so that everybody can enjoy it.

I believe that these snowball lanterns represent Swedish way of life and I’m truly eager to share my ideas of creating them with you. Building Snowball Lanterns is exceptionally easy. Its size will depend upon you. In this instructional exercise, we will demonstrate you how to build these glowing snow lanterns.

Making Swedish Snowball Lanterns:

Things to Use:

  • Snow
  • Tea Lights or Candles

Snowball Lanterns


Search for a level area on your yard and begin making snowballs. Make the same number of snowballs as you’d like. Keep the snowballs equal in size. The more snowballs you build, the larger you can create. After creating the snowballs, begin to shape a ring with the balls on the ground. Include one layer after another, delicately diminishing the width at each level. While layering the snowballs, leave a gap inside so that you can put tea lights or candles in it. Now light up the candles and cover the little snow pyramids with remaining snowballs. Your glowing snowball lanterns are ready for fun.

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