New Wave of Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji

Samsung makes its customers always happy and excited through its amazing advance features. Every time, it brings something new and interesting in the market. That’s the reason I am one of the die heart fans of Samsung mobiles. If you are also a Samsung user then you must know about the new wave of Samsung galaxy s9 AR emoji. That’s the most arousing feature of new Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus.

AR Emojis are cartoon like graphics of the user – made through a photo from the front camera – which are converted into little animations to express feelings that you can send through social media applications. Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus create 18 emoji animations with different expressions at a time. And the best part of it is that, the AR emoji resembles the user a lot. It copies every single detail of the user’s face including skin tone, face marks, moles, makeup style, features, eyes color, hair color and even your hair style.

Samsung galaxy S9 AR emoji

How to create Samsung galaxy S9 AR Emoji?

Creating an AR emoji or Animoji on your Samsung S9 and S9 plus is quite easy. You just need to follow few steps to make an amazing emoji out of your face. Open the camera app on your phone and switch to the front camera. You will see the AR emoji option on the top of the screen. Just select it. Now tap the button “Create my Emoji”. You will see an on-screen circle. Just frame your face in it. The application will ask you to remove your glasses if you are wearing any, brush out your hair from your face and smile with closed lips. After clicking your picture, just select your gender from the given male and female options. Then pick your hair style and tap next. Your Samsung device will create an AR emoji for you.

Customize your AR Emoji:

Now you can change the skin tone, hair style, hair color and outfit of your emoji by using the given options. You can also choose a pair of glasses if you use them in real life. Select the shirt colors and combine the different clothing items together. It’s really fun creating a Samsung galaxy s9 AR emoji that resembles you a lot.

How to Share?

There are many distinctive approaches to share AR Emojis. With each character you make, Samsung consequently makes a range of animated stickers (GIFs) doing things like blowing a kiss, giggling and shrugging. These stickers are stored to the Gallery application.

You can share the GIFs to any application through the gallery, however from my experience, the GIFs aren’t generally animated for the receiver. I’ve had achievement in sending an animated sticker through the Samsung Messages application, but while using Facebook Messenger the receiver gets a still picture.


The Best News:

Samsung recently reported that it is collaborating with Disney to make AR Emoji variants of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and different characters from “The Incredibles”. Just keeping your fingers cross that it will also introduce beloved characters from the Marvel cinematic universe sooner or later.

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