Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen At Home

Setting up a commercial kitchen at home is dream of every woman who wants to start a small food business. A very well organized commercial kitchen is not only productive but also very protective and beneficial. There are a few factors that you have to keep in mind before setting up a commercial kitchen at home. A business kitchen intended to consider ergonomics will be valued by the proprietor, cooking expert and the kitchen laborers. Careful planning in the kitchen design will save time and money and enhance productivity. Setting up a commercial kitchen at home is dictated by space requirement, kitchen equipment and budget plan.

Select A Location:

The first step for setting up a commercial kitchen at home is to select a location. You should have a spacious hall or room in your home which you can utilize for a commercial kitchen. You will need to make a map of all dimensions and features of suggested construction. Make a proper plan to utilize your commercial kitchen space. Keep in mind that there is enough room to move freely when holding large supplies. The first step is to construct proper windows, doors, electrical boards, and water and sewerage lines.

Equipment Required:

Here is a comprehensive list of all the equipment required for setting up a commercial kitchen at home.

  1. Purchase A Cooling Unit:

A cooling unit is a chilled storage designed to balance the refrigeration temperature from -2 to 4 ℃. This cooling unit can also be customized according to the location and space you have. Commercial refrigerator or freezer are classified by number of doors or portions. You can purchase a single, double or triple door refrigerator according to your requirements.

Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen At Home

  1. Storage Shelves:

Buying the storage shelves for spoilable or non-spoilable food items is very necessary. In this way, you can keep your commercial kitchen very organized and save your food from spoiling.

  1. Commercial Range Hood And H-VAC Ventilating System:

If you are planning to cook over an open flame like stove top then a range hood and ventilating system is required. The range hood fits over the stove top and utilizes fans to pull out all poisonous gases. You can custom built it as per your kitchen space.

  1. Purchasing Gas Range and Boiler:

Commercial gas range and boilers come in different sizes. These units are standard equipment for setting up a commercial kitchen at home. You can categorized them by the number of burners or stoves. You may also need to buy other cooking equipment depending on the type of food you will make. For example, Deep fryer and Flat Grill.

Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen At Home

  1. Buying A Commercial Oven:

The commercial kitchen oven is the heart of any restaurant kitchen. However, the type of oven you purchase depends on the food you make. Three main types of commercial oven are combination oven, conveyor oven and pizza deck oven. The combination oven comes with a steamer that can cook large quantities of vegetables in a very short time. Whereas conveyor oven moves the food in the oven. This type of oven is ideal for pizzas and sandwiches. Last but not the least, pizza deck oven makes pizza in large quantities and sizes. It heats to high temperatures.  The best thing about a pizza deck oven is, you can cook about anything in it from large pieces of beef to big molds of desserts.

  1. Buying a Dough Proofer:

A dough proofing oven is a warming cabinet that boosts fermentation of yeast dough through warming temperature and maintained humidity. It is also known as proofing oven or proofing cabinet. You can purchase single, double or triple door dough proofer according to your commercial need.

Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen At Home

  1. Food Preparation Station:

You need to purchase food preparation stainless steel tables that come in all sizes. You can also customize the size according to your commercial kitchen space. As per your requirements, you may also need specialty equipment. For example, meat slicer, vegetable cutters, cutting boards, knifes, spoons, cooking vessels, food mixers and food processors.

  1. Commercial Dish Washing Unit:

Installing a commercial dish washing unit is the basic need of a kitchen. By purchasing a good quality unit for your business, you can be assured that your food will maintain its quality.

Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen At Home


Setting up a commercial kitchen at home always opens a world of opportunities for you. Starting a small food business from your home can benefit you like anything. Now a days, food business is getting so much popular especially among women who wants to start earning from home. You can earn really well just by setting up a commercial kitchen at home. So, no doubt it’s an amazing idea for new entrepreneurs. And if cooking is your passion then you must start it as a small business from home.

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