Christmas Greetings around the World

Christmas Greetings around the World are different in different languages. There are almost 200 nations on the earth, and out of those nations, more than 160 formally celebrate Christmas. On each part of the world, including Antarctica, a variety of Christmas festivals expend the last weeks of the year. As Christmas is celebrated all over the world in different countries, people follow it with a single phrase in various languages i.e. “Merry Christmas”. Let’s take a look on Christmas Greetings in different languages around the world and inspire your friends on this Christmas.


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Hawaii – “Mele Kalikimaka”

Everybody wants to know the Christmas Greetings around the World. People know the normal English Christmas wishes we practice in USA, but you’ve most likely heard about this expression. “Mele Kalikimaka” is more than an energetic Christmas melody from the 1950s. It’s the way to say Merry Christmas in Hawaiians, and pronounced as May-lay Kah-lee-kee-mah-kah.


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Spain – “Feliz Navidad”

The US is home to the second-biggest Spanish talking people on the planet, yet despite the fact that North America encourages the best two Spanish talking countries, South America has most of the Spanish speakers. Their wishes are different from the Christmas Greetings around the World. The Spanish Christmas wish “Feliz Navidad” was introduced by Jose Feliciano in 1970. However, Spanish isn’t the main language in South America. In Brazil, Portuguese is the prevailing language, where the wishes changes to “Feliz Natal”.

christmas greetings around the world

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Ireland – “Nollaig Shona Dhuit”

Christmas was viewed as an English tradition, so it wasn’t as famous in the US for a long time. In spite of the fact that our “Merry Christmas” originated from Great Britain, these days it’s more famous to state “Happy Christmas” in England and Northern Ireland. If you need to convey Christmas wishes in Ireland, the Gaelic phrase is “Nollaig shona dhuit!” It is pronounced as “No-lihg ho-nuh ghwitch”.


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Kenya – “Krismasi Njema”

Beside Asia, Africa has the most diverse density of languages on the planet, with well more than 2,000. The most famous of them are Swahili, Amharic, Zulu and Afrikaans. Every language has its own exceptional interpretation of “Merry Christmas” and different ways of the Christmas Greetings around the World. In Swahili, the regular Christmas wish is “Krismasi njema” pronounced as “Kriz-mah-see en-jee-mah”.


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New Guinea – “Meri Krismas”

You can unquestionably get by in Australia with the regular English Christmas wishes. New Guinea, with islands situated few miles away from Australia, is considered as the piece of the Australian continent. Here, the Christmas wishes are not too far from its English roots. It is written in a little different way i.e. “Meri Krismas” but pronounced in a similar way.

christmas greetings around the world

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China – “Shèng dàn jié”

With more than 2,300 languages crosswise over almost 50 nations, Asia beats Africa as the most linguistically assorted continent. It’s the continent with a majority of people, and a dominant part of those people dwell in India and China. There are two distinctive ways to state “Merry Christmas”. The main, “Shèng dàn jié,” is to some degree generic, meaning something like, “occasion for the birth of a holy person”. The second, “yē dàn jié” is more particular to Christmas, which means something nearer to “occasion of the birth of Jesus”.


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Trust it or not, individuals do live in Antarctica. Around 4,000 individuals consider Antarctica as their home in the Christmas season. As per an estimate, 20 to 30 countries could celebrate around that time, including Finland, Belgium, South Korea, Norway, Brazil, Poland and Italy. Obviously, you would hear a mixture of Christmas wishes if you were celebrating your Christmas in Antarctica.


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Christmas is one of a kind to each continent, each country and each tradition. Now you know about the various Christmas Greetings around the World. Regardless of how far we may travel or what number of various Christmas encounters we may get the chance to take an interest in, nothing truly ever beats our own cultural Christmas at home.

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