DIY Artistic Photo Plates

Last week I thought to create something very attractive and memorable for my mother’s birthday. What about to make a wall of artistic photo plates? No doubt! It is an amazing thought and these artistic photo plates decorate the wall beautifully.

This is an extraordinary approach to secure the beautiful memories with your loved ones. Moreover, it is a very cheap idea that can be done within just pennies. You can use paper plates and also paper copies of your printer to do this DIY project. How simple is that?

Print the Photos:

I began with some high contrast photographs, printed from my laser jet printer. You must use a laser jet printer or copier when making duplicates of your photographs. Because the other Ink jet printers do not give a perfect result for your photographs and it will make the ink bleed on the paper.

I utilized saucer sized white plates to create these artistic photo plates. You can use some old kitchen plates or you can also buy them from a mart. Place the plate on the photo and make a mark around the plate with the help of a pen or pencil.

photo plates

Cut on the photo:

To make an accurate curve around the place, cut around the mark you have drawn. Try not to trim faces in the photo when you crop it. Do not cut so deeply otherwise you will lose the picture quality. Paint the plate’s backside with Matte Mod Podge. Press the photograph face down on the backside of the plate, smoothing out the corners and the crinkles.

photo plates

photo plates

photo plates

Apply Mod Podge:

The photo should be dried out within 60 minutes. Turn over the plate to see your hand work. When dry, include a layer of Mod Podge at the backside of the plate. When I add the Mod Podge at the backside when the opposite side was still wet, it turns the photograph into a cool looking green. So I did this on two plates with some variety.

photo plates

photo plates

photo plates

At long last, since the photographs didn’t exactly meet the corners of the plates, I painted the backsides with a dark color and then included a last covering of Mod Podge for security.

Photo Plates – The Final Result:

Some plates turned out better as compare to others. I am very much sure that my mom will love them. The photograph above is of my father sitting on the staircase of my home. This photograph functioned admirably with the plate. For future photograph projects, I will either go for plates without that inward circle or choose photographs that work better with these plates. But, I am satisfied with the results. For hanging, most art store and Walmart offer plate holders, or you can adjust them on a plate stand on a work area. This specific procedure can be completed with different print outs, or even cloth or fabric! I think mother will like her birthday gift so plates

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