Happy New Year Short Quotes

So, this is the start of another new year. Everyone is so much excited about it. People want to wish their family and friends with the most exciting Happy New Year Short Quotes. That’s the reason, we are going to write these short quotes and wishes for you people. Let’s have a look at these lovely quotations to greet your loved ones. Send these Happy New Year Short Quotes to your friends or colleagues. Send SMS or make them your Facebook or WhatsApp status. Here are the unique quotations for you.

Happy New Year Short Quotes

Happy New Year Short Quotes/SMS:

  1. My warm wishes are always with you, Celebrate a bright and smashing and Happy New Year 2018!
  2. Let’s enjoy the New Year 2018 with just great things, wishing you an upbeat new year.
  3. Let’s accept gladly The New Year and finally take a new start without hesitation, and treasure the remembering We Hold!
  4. My greeting to you is to get a big start of the year. Have many more blessings and finish with happiness. Happy New Year
  5. May This New Year 2018 bless you with love and happy life. Similarly, I wish you a happy and healthy life and a comfortable new year.
  6. In the first place, I just want to wish you a happiest New Year that will make your biggest dream true. May you get God’s blessings that come your way throughout the year.
  7. I want this New Year 2018 to bring just satisfaction not sadness, everybody adores just you friend, Moreover, All your issues will be resolved It’s my extraordinary new year’s desire.
  8. Fresh Time, Fresh Days and Fresh Moments are here for you. in addition may the whole year brighten your life, Happy New Year 2018.
  9. I wish you always a bright and shining Life all through. Have a shaking New Year.
  10. Similarly as another blossom spreads scent and freshness all around, May the New Year include another magnificence and freshness to your life.
  11. From here on, I pray for you that you get happiness in all the things that you are going to have this year. I really wish you days full of blossoms and nights full of stars which take you to the world of joy. A very Happy New Year 2018.
  12. May the New Year 2018 carries so many opportunities to your life and you could enjoy every single moment of your life, May all your dreams come true and you get biggest achievements. Happy New Year to you and your beloved family.
  13. My lovely father, I just want to tell you that you are the best father on earth. For this reason, I pray for you that may this year 2018 bring for you more days of joy and happiness. Love you Father, Happiest New Year.
  14. Hey Friend, I wish that every single day of 2018 carries loads of happiness, peace of mind and good health for you. Happy New Year 2018.
  15. As you are going to signing out from the last year and signing in to the New Year, I wish you a great success, fortune and enjoyment. May this be a Year of new and beautiful things to happen in your life. Finally I pray from the bottom of my heart that you live long to see more healthy and happy years.
  16. Leave behind the pain of past and look forward and say welcome to the upcoming New Year 2018. You must trust that the coming days will be healthier and happier.
  17. My lovely friend, you are like a shining star for me, I greet you a happiest year as you get ready to enter into the New Year. Above all I pray that your heart will be filled with kindness and your mind will be filled with peace. A very Happy New Year 2018.
  18. Just appreciate the good memories of your past and forget about the bad ones. At this point, I always pray for you that May you get lots of success this year.
  19. As we are going to say a Bye to the past days and welcoming the new days, May your year will be full of determination and peace.
  20. As the Chocolate Cake is a perfect combination with wine, My New Year will be boring and imperfect without you. In fact, I request you to be with me this year or year after year. With love and hugs, Happy New Year.

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