DIY Dyed Sand Crafts for Kids

Get innovative with a hand crafted colorful sand pack, and engage the children throughout the summer. My most loved festival stalls as a child are always the artistic ones. The best, obviously, was the stall where I could make my own sand crafts, layered and filled as an ideal rainbow in a container that would then place on my room bookshelf and help me to remember how entertaining it was for those 2.5 minutes that I got the opportunity to play with pipes and colored sand. What will be the cost? No less than a couple of dollars, and presumably $5+ if you needed anything bigger than a film cannister on a key chain.

Good news for you guys is, as a grown-up with kids, I’ve understood you can make your own particular colored sand for diy sand crafts at home. You can sell it or What’s more, you’ll feel like a child once more. The children will be quite content with you as well.

To make diy dyed sand crafts, you’ll require these instruments and materials:

  • Sand (As required)
  • Food Colors
  • Warm Water
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • baking tray
  • funnel
  • Sealable bottles or containers

Start by dividing plain sand into separate bags. Place the bags in glasses to enable them to remain upright. Scoop out a little dab of gel food color; like with baking, the gel food color will convey a substantially brighter, more distinctive outcome.

Pour out hot – however not boiling – water in over the sand and color. You’ll just need a sufficient amount to cover the sand. Seal up each bag, and massage the color into the water and sand particles.

Sand Crafts

Once the colors are equitably distributed, lay the sealed bag level on a surface, and enable the water to cool down and colors to mix overnight.

Trim a little gap at the corner of the sealed bag to evacuate as much water as possible, and after that pour the colored sand onto a level surface to get dry. A baking tray under the sun will work when there’s no other option, and setting the tray inside the oven on low temperature will be fine as well in a rainy day.

When dyed sand gets dry, pour it out into separate containers. Sealable bags and glass jars will work as well. However I tend to support plastic bottles or containers with covered lids.

Last Words:

Allow the children to pick their own particular containers. Think of it as a simple birthday party craft or rainy day task for babies and children.

If you thought grown-ups were prohibited from the sand party, reconsider. Wouldn’t you realize that the sand looks extraordinary in a candle centerpiece? Colored sand crafts serves as a simple wedding gathering table DIY!

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