DIY Natural Rose Scent

Have you ever had a large number of roses at your home, taking up all your table space? What are you going to do with those flowers? Actually, I am a little insane about my florist and I know exactly what would I do with those beautiful flowers. I will make a light natural rose scent from the petals. Yes! We can extract ultra-light scent, and you don’t require a huge amount of blooms to do it. It’s been easy to utilize what you have in your garden, or you can wander down to the market and get a couple of blooms.

There are formulas for DIY natural rose scent everywhere on the web, however I’ve been utilizing and tinkering with one specifically for quite a long time.

You will need,


Half cup fresh rose petals (The petals can be of any color. If you like, utilize lavender flowers).

Half glass Vodka

2 Cups distilled water

Huge glass container with a top (Make sure that it is big enough to hold 5 glass of liquid).

An empty glass scent bottle

Why not go additional favor and utilize something like this?

Optional: 2-4 drops Rose essential oil

This one is my go-to; however you can purchase something comparative at your neighborhood Whole Foods. Remember that essential rose oil is very much costly, so any rose oil you get will not be concentrated, however it will be all that anyone could need for our purposes here. In case you’re utilizing lavender rather, get a lavender essential oil.

Put your petals into the base of your glass bowl and drizzle the vodka over it. Cover and keep it aside for 24 hours in a cool and dark place. After 24 hours, Use a major cooking spoon to pound and squish the petals or blooms, at that point add the refined water into the bowl. Cover the bowl and keep it in a cool and dark place for 4 – 7 days, taking it out once a day to blend and pound the petals. After the mixture has been sitting for up to seven days, strain it into a glass scent bottles. Shake before each time you use it, and keep it inside the refrigerator. It has an amazing natural rose scent.

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