DIY Paper Craft Log Cabin

For this awesome paper craft, all you require is paper and a couple of art supplies. Usually, children are extremely inventive crafters, and one of their most loved exercises is developing things from sheets of printer paper, including this little paper craft log cabin.


• 8.5 x 11-inch Paper Sheets
• Foam Board
• Tape
• Scissors
• Glue Gun
• Acrylic paint

paper craft


1. To start with this paper craft, roll a sheet of paper on a diagonal as firmly as possible. Now create a long roll and apply tape at the corner to secure it. Repeat this to make around 40 rolls.

paper craft
2. You may need to utilize a couple of additional pieces of tape along the roll so it won’t disentangle when they are trimmed to measure. Keep in mind, tape is your friend to complete this paper craft.

paper craft
3. Trim the edges of the rolls and after that cut them from the middle, so your rolls are 5 inches long in size.

paper craft
4. Utilizing the glue gun (with assistance from a grown-up), stick layers of the paper rolls around the corners of foam board (cardboard also works well) square to construct the four dividers of your lodge. Repeat the process until you have built ten layers of paper craft rolls around each side.

paper craft
5. Include seven more layers of paper rolls to the front and rears, cutting the roll for each layer to the size that it becomes shorter than the one before. This will make a shape that you can include an inclined rooftop.

paper craft
6. Include the rooftop with the rest if the paper rolls by sticking the rolls on every step, on the front and back sides of the cabin dividers. You can also slice a door to the lodge with a sharp paper cutter. You can likewise paint an entryway – which is very much easier!

paper craft
7. Paint the cabin with acrylic paint. I love to utilize light brown on the base half and a dark brown for the rooftop. Give the paint a chance to dry and your log cabin is prepared for recess.

paper craft
8. I bet you will enjoy with this amazing paper craft.

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