DIY Rubber Band Car Toy

The Rubber Band Car Toy project is a fun approach for kids while they are on vacations or want to try something exciting and entertaining on weekend.  Kids would love to play and race with this rubber band car. When you know the fundamentals of building a rubber band car, you can try different things with your own design. You can also construct a group of rubber band car and race them to discover which one is the best.

Constructing the Frame:

1.       Painting Cardboard:

Paint a 12-inch cardboard tube with a glue based paint, let it dry. If you aren’t great at painting, you can also cover the tube with colorful tape.

2.       Making Holes:

Make two small holes at the ends of the tube for the axles. Ensure that the holes are equal and straight opposite each other. If you are experiencing difficulty making them even, wrap an elastic band vertically around the tube and make a long straight line. Take the elastic band off when you are done.

3.       Adjusting Dowels:

Slide the 6-inch dowel through the holes and the 9-inch dowel through the backside. The shorter dowel will be the front of your car, and the more extended dowel will be the back. Now the dowels should have the capacity to turn openly inside the openings. If they don’t, take the dowels out and make the openings greater. When you are done, return the dowels through the openings.

rubber band car

4.       Applying Glue:

Apply 1-inch wooden spool of the heated glue at the backside of every CD. Draw a line of craft glue around the plastic hover in the center of a CD. Rapidly press the highest point of the wooden spool into it. Ensure that it is in the center. Repeat this process for the other three CDs.

Apply a little bit heated glue to the front of every CD. Stick buttons in the front opening of every CD with the help of glue. The button will cover the hole and keep the wheels in place. If you can’t get any buttons, cut circles from thin cardboard, and utilize them.

5.       Wrapping Elastic Bands:

Wrap some elastic bands around the wheels. Slide two elastic bands on your first wheel with the goal that they look like an X from the front. Repeat this process for the remaining three wheels. This will give your wheels some traction. The elastic bands should be wrapped firmly around the wheels.

rubber band car

6.       Making Plugs with Straws:

Chop a few straws to make the plugs. These will go between the wheels and cardboard tube. Put wheels on the ends of the dowels. Ensure that the cardboard tube is in the center, and after that measure the hole between the spool and cardboard tube. Cut a straw to fix these measurements. You will require total four pieces.

7.       Attaching Stoppers:

Include the stoppers between the wheels and cardboard tube. Take the wheels off the dowel. Place the small stoppers on the short dowel, and the large stoppers to the large dowel. Place the wheels at the backside of the dowel. If the stoppers are too large, take everything off and trim them down once more.

8.       Fixing Wheels:

When you are satisfied with all the car settings, take the wheels out and include a drop of gum into each spool. Place the wheels again on the axles, and let the gum dry. The wheels should fix cozily on the axles. If they are too free, wrap some tape at the ends of the dowel to make it thick.

Adding Rubber Bands:

1.       Create an elastic band chain utilizing 3 to 4 elastic bands. Slide an elastic band half way through another. Draw the end of the elastic band back to the loop. Pull on it delicately to make a slipknot. Repeat this process until the point that your tie is around 3 to 4 elastic bands long. You need the chain to be about the same length as your cardboard tube.

2.       Circle the chain around the front hub in a slipknot. Tuck the end of your chain behind the hub with the goal that it stands out by around 1 inch. Pull the remaining chain through that circle. Delicately pull on it to fix the slipknot. Attach a paper clasp to the next end of the elastic band chain. It doesn’t make a difference if the chain snares around the littler or bigger circle on the paper clasp.

rubber band car

3.       Feed the chain with the tube and fix the length, if essential. Drop the paper clasp down the tube. Get it with your fingers; at that point pull it out the flip side. The elastic band chain should be about the equal size as the cardboard tube. If it is too large, you should take out any one elastic band from the chain.

4.       Fix the chain to the end of the tube with the paper clasp. Force the elastic band chain taut and point the paper clasp towards the opening of the cardboard tube. Slide the paper clasp to the end of the tube. Use the rubber band car. Force the car backward until the point that the elastic band is tight. Release it and watch it moving.

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