DIY Wooden Cactus Plant

Although I am an immense fanatic of flowers and plants, I am also a ruiner! Yes… No plant can live with me over a month or two. But on the other side, I am doing my best to resolve this issue! Furthermore, since this year my dearest cactus are all over the place, it was just the ideal time to make an astounding DIY plant that will remain with me until the end of time!

Materials for the Wooden Cactus Plant:

  • Wooden Cactus
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Paint Brush
  • Clay Planter
  • Colored stones

DIY plant

To be very honest, this wooden cactus DIY plant is simply stunning. It will add colors in your spring season to make it more colorful and amazing. Really our children can easily make this art. The main thing you need is paint so we should begin by painting our wooden cactus! Give it a chance to dry!

DIY plant

And now let’s talk about how to set up our cactus plant. This time I got a clay one in dark colored shades so as you can envision it was again truly monochrome for me… so yellow, splendid green, hot pink and turquoise and lets the diversion start! Put shading and water in your brush and simply put it on the end of the pot and drive it for some time. The shading will begin making in that way “tears”.

DIY plant

Try not to hold up your first color to dry with a specific end goal to put the following one, simply put in beside the main color et cetera. In that way the colors will be blended at the start and they will make a lovely design. I have painted more my pots and here it is!

At the point when the colors are drying, put the shaded stones into the pot and after that stabilize the wooden plant. If you need to be steadier, simply stick on the back pop cycle sticks. Our pot is prepared.

DIY plant

I believe is the cutest cactus I have ever had! What’s more, you know??? It will live perpetually in my home 🙂

After all, spring is coming and we need more colors in our days. So you must create this colorful cactus plant and decorate your room and office with this innovative DIY plant ornament.

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